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I went down to London for Christmas this year and took the opportunity to visit Greenwich Park and Blackheath, an old stomping ground.  I took an old photo with me that I had taken sometime in the late 80’s (I think) with the aim of rephotographing the scene.  It shows the view from Greenwich Park over to Canary Wharf at the start of it’s development.

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I tried lining up the photo with the scene and taking a single image but depth of field and a gloomy day didn’t really allow for this.  Instead, I used the photo to position myself to capture the same scene and then placed a scan of the old photo on top of the new image using Photoshop.  I must admit that I thought the skyline would have changed more drastically than it has!  That said, the wide angle does dissipate the effect somewhat.  I’ll have to dig out some more old photos…..