In the recording studio with Tez Skachill

Posted: December 1, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’ve been in the recording studio with Tez Skatchill a couple of times lately while he was recording his new single ‘If I question’.  Recording studios are great places for photography because you get the emotion from the artist and an unusual environment especially the mixing desk.  These shots were taken at SSR, Manchester with Sara De Clara on the desk.

I used a couple of wireless flashguns for these shots; one inside the booth and one in the studio.  The other thing you need is a good duster!  There are two layers of glass between you and the artist and they are invariably filthy.  A polarizer is also a necessity.  Shots in the studio lend themselves to effects such as colour tones, cross processing and strong B&W contrasts.  I suppose it’s having the ‘cover art’ in the back of your mind that helps you be that bit more creative.  Obviously you can take cover art much further than this but that wasn’t strictly the purpose of the shoot.  Great fun though…..


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