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Advertising shot

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Last week I took this shot for an agency to sell space on the side of the building.  The best angle, unfortunately, was in the middle of the duel carriageway so I had to settle for this angle. The low light was so that there was an impression of traffic due to the light trails. I took a number of shots and photoshopped about 4 of them together to get this one. We did try stopping on the duel carriageway, my friend driving and me wedged against the back window, but the traffic wouldn’t stop long enough for me to get the shot.



This is the first blog I have done completely from my mobile.  Quite a freeing experience!!



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Have you ever described someone as ‘as useful as a chocolate fire guard’?  If so here is an alternative I saw in a shop window in Gothenburg:



Yep, it’s a crocheted umbrella, useful huh?

Sony A77

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I don’t normally blog about gear but this is just a quick post to say that I’ve now been using the Sony A77 for about 18 months and it has performed faultlessly throughout.  I’m posting this now as I’ve just got back from Gothenburg where the camera worked perfectly at -10 (better than my fingers – and that’s without the wind chill) and even survived being smacked on the ground when I went flying on a patch of ice.  I picked it up, dusted the snow off and carried on without a hitch – brilliant.