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Have we met?

Posted: December 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hi, just getting this blog up and running after getting fed up with Blogger……

Here’s a picture I’ve been working on recently made up of concert tickets going back to about 1983.  I’ve had them in a clip frame for ages but wanted to do something else with them.  The inspiration for this came from Annette Messenger’s ‘Mes Voeux’ (My Wishes).  The tickets have been hung on string and then photographed against a white background.  It evolved over several weeks with changes to the order of the tickets, lighting and background.  It was interesting to do as it threw up a whole range of challenges.  This version is only small but on the original you can read the smallprint on the tickets.  I intend to get it printed on A0 and mount it on frameless acrylic.

Have we met?

I have called it ‘Have we met?’ as it covers many nights out with thousands of other people… you never know!