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I’ve been in the recording studio with Tez Skatchill a couple of times lately while he was recording his new single ‘If I question’.  Recording studios are great places for photography because you get the emotion from the artist and an unusual environment especially the mixing desk.  These shots were taken at SSR, Manchester with Sara De Clara on the desk.

I used a couple of wireless flashguns for these shots; one inside the booth and one in the studio.  The other thing you need is a good duster!  There are two layers of glass between you and the artist and they are invariably filthy.  A polarizer is also a necessity.  Shots in the studio lend themselves to effects such as colour tones, cross processing and strong B&W contrasts.  I suppose it’s having the ‘cover art’ in the back of your mind that helps you be that bit more creative.  Obviously you can take cover art much further than this but that wasn’t strictly the purpose of the shoot.  Great fun though…..


My new website

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Jeff Hurst Photography is now live at: check it out!  Comments welcome.

More First Friday pictures

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I’ve been to two more First Friday events at West Heaton since the last post……just a bit slow blogging about it!  Anyway here’s a selection of pictures from the last two nights and in no particular order we have: Whiskey River, Rory Ellis, Lazlo Baby and Tez Skatchill.  I’ve been in the recording studio with Tez Skatchill shooting pictures for an EP but more about this later.

First Friday at West Heaton

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On the first Friday of every month West Heaton throws it’s doors open to local (or not so local) artists.  This month there were three female singer/songwriters, these being Risa Hall, Little Rach and Zoe Mulford.  It was a great evening of really very good music and quite varied.  Zoe Mulford’s lyrics have a clever element of humour about them; I don’t mean comical – more Elvis Costello than Bob Newhart, Little Rach is very emotive live and totally wrapped up in every song and Risa Hall has a more powerful delivery.  I even came away with a new CD.

All the photos were taken without flash.  I used a range of filters in camera and post processing just for the fun of it!  It’s still difficult to beat good old B&W though.  As it was an acoustic, seated gig I only used a couple of angles so I wasn’t dodging in front of everyone but I’ve got a reasonable selection of shots, mostly of the artists but some more self indulgent stuff just for me; live music events are great for capturing something different.  I started with the high speed drive on to capture the emotive moment but turned it off as really all you need to do is listen to the song to know when that moment will arrive!

Anyway, here’s a selection from the night…..enjoy.



Going to see ‘Finding Vivian Maier’ today.  Vivian Maier was a nanny who  took over 100,000 photographs that were hidden in storage lockers and, discovered decades later and is now among the 20th century’s greatest street photographs.

Her body of work came to light in 2007 when it was discovered at a local thrift auction house on Chicago’s Northwest Side.

I’ll report back later…….


Vivian Maier was born in New York but spent most of her youth in France.  She came back to New York to work as a nanny.  Working as a nanny, her Rolleiflex was always round her neck and she would take the children to all sorts of places taking thousands of pictures in the process.  She had an uncanny knack of getting very close to all sorts of subjects.

Her photo’s were bought at auction by John Maloof who was looking for some historic photos of Chicago.  Since then he has spent the rest of his time piecing together her life; developing and printing thousands of rolls of film in the process.  Maier also shot a lot of self portraits, cine film and recorded audio tapes so you could get an idea of what she was actually like.  Interviews with the children (now grown up) were interesting.  There were very mixed memories of this very private lady who seemed to have a darker side.

A fascinating documentary about a very private person who probably would not have wanted all this attention.  Well worth going to see.

The Still

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Trying to book the Still for a do at the tennis and squash club.  Great fun…here’s a couple of pics I took at my birthday bash.

commercial shots

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I’ve been putting together a few commercial shots lately in lieu of my website being taken down for improvement.  I’m also finding Flickr a bit of a pain so I might have to invest more time in Facebook!  Time for a change……